Portraits by Mernie Buchanan

Are you thinking about having a portrait painted, but haven't quite taken the next step? This is a good beginning and thank you for taking a look at my work. I am also available for a telephone consultation if you have any further questions.

I will work from black and white or color photographs, or have the person sit for the painting if possible. With animals, photographs generally work best. Historic family portraits may also include precious heirlooms, favorite jewelry or memorable places. Please don't hesitate to express your ideas.

The minimum size is 16x20". Customizing the portrait for a frame you already own is no problem. I work on birch laminate board, which can be cut to fit any size/shape frame (above the minimum size). The original portrait of Marion Ramsay (shown above) is 16x20" and was produced from a sepia photograph.

Prices range from $3.50 per square inch for single portraits with a 50% deposit.
As an example, the above portraits are about $1100 + CA sales tax.

Please call 707-745-5694 to discuss your ideas.